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The Secret Island of Wonders





You can order your copy of the Ebook now by clicking on the picture!!

In this adventure Finn & Noah take the reader by the hand to discover a Secret Island of Wonders.

With the help of their ever cheerful Grandpa, who always answers by asking questions, obstacles are overcome and the children learn how to develop their way of thinking.

The higher faculties; the will, perception, imagination, intuition, memory and reason are the guiding principle throughout this thrilling story.

This book is completed by very accesible daily assignments and art classes in the back of the book. The reader will be made conscious of their own way of thinking and the development of the magic in their mind in a very playful way.

An indispensable book in every conscious upbringing!


Big brother Finn

Finn is a very strong and adventurous boy who is always on the lookout for exciting stories en things to discover. He always goes all in, but sometimes forgets to stand still and think about the next step to take. He tends to give up sometimes, but together with his sister and Grandpa’s help he always gets the job done.


Little sister Noah

Noah is a sweet and dreamy girl who really looks up to her brother Finn. With the same urge for adventure and beautiful stories, she follows Finn everywhere he goes. Noah is in direct contact with her heart and intuition and is a born leader. Together with Finn’s courage and the wise lessons of Grandpa she can do anything she wants.



Grandpa is always cheerful and never worries about anything. He helps the children on their way with his wise lessons, but he never gives away the answer. Grandpa believes they can figure it out themselves if they use their heads right. Everybody calls him Grandpa Luck, because he is always lucky. Grandpa sees it differently, according to him luck isn’t something you háve, luck is something you creáte. Grandpa absolutely adores Finn & Noah and enjoys their adventures, secretly wishing he was there with them.

Who are the authors?

Jeffrey & Mandy

With Costa Rica as their base they are the administrators of the online awareness platform CompleetZijn. They studied with the great late Bob Proctor en fully integrated his lessons into their own lives. From that, the idea came up to help the next generation to develop that most powerful tool, the mind.

That’s where the book The Secret Island of Wonders originated from.

Jeffrey wrote the story and Mandy was engaged with the graphic design, the accompanying daily assignments and the translation into English.

Who is the illustrator?

Henriët van Roosmalen –

After Henriët obtained her professional diploma illustrative drawing in 1999, she started her company Colourmind.

She makes illustrations commisioned by, amongst others, the Dutch Open Air Museum, Kinheim, Malmberg, Gouds Museum, Museum Zandvoort.

All illustrations and paintings on her website and on the website of are by her hand.

Since the summer of 2020 there is also a Kees de Muis Huis for young children in the Zandvoort Museum.

In 2010 she obtained the diploma Psycho-Social Welfare, with the purpose of giving the lessons she now provides.

The subject of her thesis was “Alchemy in our everyday lives.”

With lots of love and passion she gives extraordinary lessons in wholeness consciousness.

By that philosophy she decided to join forces with Jeffrey & Mandy to create the children’s book The Secret Island of Wonders.